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With below a week to go and just a handful of tickets left (https://www.connollyswine.co.uk/merchandise/winter-wine-tasting-2017) we are really pleased to lastly confirm that we shall have a member of the famed Sichel loved ones at the Birmingham Winter Wine Tasting. 

Max Sichel


Sichel is an iconic name in the wine globe.  A lengthy established loved ones with various branches operating in France, Germany, the UK and the USA. At a single point even though a single branch was restoring Chateau Palmer one more was advertising Blue Nun… It was the British branch that initially set foot in Bordeaux, establishing an “acquisition office” back in 1883. The move from merchants to winemakers was began by Max’s Good Grandfather Allan in the ’30s when he joined forces with two other households to acquire the legendary, but at that time massively dilapidated Ch. Palmer in Margaux- an investment that took more than 20 years to show a return.

His Grandfather Peter repeated the trick with the acquire of the just about ruined Ch. Angludet in 1961, also in Margaux and now regularly rated as a single of the finest Cru Bourgeois properties. The loved ones has continued to expand, constructing new brands and wineries as nicely as forming Ch. Trillol in Corbieres in 1987 and Ch. Argadens back in Bordeaux in 2002. Max is now the 6th generation to join Maison Sichel and we are really honoured to welcome him to the Huge Winter Tasting at the Library.