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About two months ago, I posted a weblog Paso Robles is Absurdly Wonderful Proper Now, sharing some pictures I’d taken in the newly-green vineyard, ground fog wending its way about vines, solar panels, and olive trees. Quick-forward two months, and we’re seeing the beautiful consequences of mixture of the final two weeks of sun and the practically 30 inches of rain that we’ve received. The outcome has been a vineyard as green as I can ever keep in mind, set off against impossibly blue skies and the dark brown of the nonetheless-dormant grapevines. To wit:

Despite the fact that we’d had two dry weeks just before today’s half-inch of rain, there is water everywhere, seeping out of hillsides and operating merrily in Las Tablas Creek. You can see a puddle sitting in the swale among the east-facing Vermentino vines (foreground) and the west-facing Mourvedre vines (behind the frost fans).

Tablas Creek Crosshairs Block

The vines themselves are nonetheless dormant thanks to a series of beneath-freezing nights, even though the warmth of the sun suggests that we’ll see bud-break just before as well lengthy. In truth, this was the week final year when we initially saw leaves. I do not anticipate that this year — it has been colder, and all the water in the soil is maintaining soil temperatures down — but early April appears like a fairly protected bet. So, views like this, with a bare Counoise trunk silhouetted against the blue sky, will be quick-lived:

Head-trained Counoise vine at Tablas Creek

The dormant trunks make remarkable patterns in the vineyard, like the Mourvedre cordons beneath:

Tablas Creek Mourvedre Cordons

Nevertheless, as impressive as the green grass is, it is the sky at this time of year that normally steals the show for me. Here’s a view searching up toward our tallest hill, more than Counoise and Grenache blocks. You can see the nonetheless-unpruned Grenache in the foreground we wait longest to prune this, our most frost-prone grape:

Tablas Creek looking up toward highest hill

I will leave you with 1 final view of the vineyard contours, searching up the exact same hill of Vermentino in the initially two pictures. The sweep of the land comes by means of, I hope. 

Tablas Creek Newly Pruned Vineyard Horizontal

Up subsequent, we hope: what need to be a spectacular wildflower season. The superbloom is in complete swing just a small to the south of us. As the days continue to lengthen, and the sun warms, we need to see an explosion of colour right here as well. And when we do, I guarantee we’ll share.