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Though drinking wine in Napa, Burgundy, Argentina, Rioja, or yet another of the several wine regions blessed by remarkable terroir, you are probably pondering ‘how do I get some of this vino dwelling?’ Do I have to verify wine for a flight? If so, are there limits or regulations? Are taxes due on the wine if I am flying internationally? Can I shield my bottles from breaking for the duration of the flight?

Suggestions for Traveling with Wine

  1. Individually wrap every bottle completely in heavy clothes you have packed, like jeans or sweaters. (I normally attempt to slip the bottle in a bread bag or other plastic bag that I can tie off in case of breakage.
  2. Use a wine-shipper box with foam inserts to verify your case of wine. (Do not verify in a typical distributor cardboard crate of wine.)
  3. Invest in a VinGardeValise12-Bottle Wine Travel Suitcase
  4. Get a reusable WineSkin Bag – or comparable item that will add extra padding to the bottle.
  5. According to the TSA — recall they only manage airport safety and the regulation of continental travel — you can travel with an limitless quantity of alcohol in your checked bag as extended as every bottle is below 24% alcohol by volume, which has wine covered, and fits inside the airline’s weight regulations.
  6. Mini bottles of alcohol in carry-on need to be capable to comfortably match into a single quart-sized bag.
  7. Do not attempt to take your wine bottles in your carry on baggage, they will not let it via safety
  8. Look at Direct Shipping – Due to air travel regulations, several wineries have taken on the duty of facilitating direct to customer transport themselves via a selection of solutions. Just ask the attendant at the tasting area, when contemplating your acquire.

Alcoholic beverages with much less than 24% alcohol – no US Gov. restrictions for import for private use.

Bonus – Appear into the Alaska Airlines Wine Flies Cost-free Plan if going to the U.S. West Coast.