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Welcome to my weekly roundup of the wine stories that I obtain of interest on the internet. I post them to my magazine on on Flipboard, but for these of you who are not Flipboard inclined, here’s anything I’ve strained out of the wine-connected muck for the week.

Chronicling the Renaissance of Italy’s Alto Piemonte Area
The suitable time for a comeback.

Ingenious approaches to reuse bottles as an alternative of recycling them
The wine globe requires a lot more of this.

Individual Observations on Drinking Significantly less Pricey Wine
Tim James goes a’slummin’.

Acquiring to Know Piquette, a Wine-Adjacent Spritzer
Sounds tasty. I’d like to attempt some.

Clairette – a increasing star?
In South Africa, no much less.

Napa’s Rise of the Machines
And most will welcome their new robotic overlords.

St Emilion to Enforce Organic Practices
This would be a seriously critical move.

Napa and Sonoma bottles rise to the major of American wine lists. Once more.
Dave McIntyre on some current stats.

On The Topic Of Wine Influencers
Shana presents some exciting insights right here.

A Tribute to Lisa Shara Hall, 1952 – 2019
A loving tribute to effectively-recognized figure in our wine journalism circles. RIP.

Meet the Ladies Winemakers of Portugal
Roger Voss profiles a couple of.

Dirty &amp Rowdy’s Unfamiliar Mourvedre is a wine that reflects a family’s tragedy — and attempts to heal it
Esther Mobley on a excellent wine with a sobering story behind it.

Who’s permitted to sell ‘Macedonian wine’?
A wine area, and a nation.

California’s new wave washes abroad
Jancis checks in on California.

Tasting 114-Year-Old Wine With the Rothschilds at Château Lafite
Elin goes to a really fancy dinner.

German Wineries Are Operating Out of Bottles
That is a issue.

Australian Wine These days: Fresh, Crunchy and ‘Smashable’
Possibly folks will now start out to spend interest once again, eh, Eric?

Behind Portugal’s Conventional Amphorae Wines
Gimme some of that talha.

California wine’s new paradigm: Vibrant, juicy, translucent reds
Yes, certainly.

Meet the Ladies Winemakers of Brunello, Italy
Excellent profiles. Except they are missing Stella di Compalto.

Biodynamic Production Presents a Appear at the Future of Fine Wine
Barron’s discovers BD.

Age-Worthy Lengthy Island Wines Prove The Region’s Longevity
Courney Schiessl spills the beans.

Carignan is Operating its Way into the Spotlight
As effectively it need to.

Carema – “Sturdy and Likeable as the Sun and the Stone”
Alfonso goes exploring.

A vintage Swiss wine festival
Sign me up!

How to Save on Your Wedding Wine
All very good assistance.

Isabelle Legeron MW on setting requirements for all-natural wine
Are not requirements for The Man?

Vineyard Lawsuit a Test for Napa
Is To Kalon a location or a brand?

This young couple in the Texas Hill Nation is creating some of the most fascinating little-batch wines
Alfonso Cevola has a new byline.

Sommeliers of the Year 2019
Some excellent picks right here.

China slows down
Jancis pops the balloon.

‘Overstuffed’ wines analysed
Elaine digs deep on a metaphor.