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Way back in 2014 I tasted the 2007 Aria and was impressed. Nebbiolo as you might know is the grape in the sought soon after Italian Barolos and Barbarescos. The story becomes a bit of a winding road soon after that. Closed because 2012 the winery/vineyard has gone via some wild swings in ownership and path to exactly where I located them, reopened and at Taste Ontario with new owners. Sadly the Nebbiolo vines have been decimated in 1 of our harsh winters, but this wine was saved in the barrel and later bottled as a amazing piece of Niagara history. I do think this leaves Ridgepoint as the remaining grower of Nebbiolo in Niagara. Interestingly, Alvento has some of the 2007 nevertheless in the bottle accessible for the collector …

This wine is dark in colour with some good classic Nebbiolo flavors, lots of dark berries, smooth silky lengthy tanins, and some good acidity. On the medium length finish the wine displays some good palate coating tannins along with some tartness. There’s some good rustic notes and wood present as properly. This wine is prepared to drink now as lengthy as you like a bit of a bite to your wine. I would give it an 88+. Accessible for $45 a bottle at the Winery. They’ve also got a bed and breakfast on web-site!

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