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It is that time of year. No, not the Christmas music I’m currently hearing.

It is time to prep for Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving is 1 of the holidays that produced me start off this weblog so quite a few years ago. It was the time of year in which I’d get e-mail just after e-mail, telephone get in touch with just after telephone get in touch with asking me “What wine should really I serve for this specific meal?”


More than the years, I’ve offered selections for a assortment of circumstances. In 2010 I explained why I believe 4 wines is the minimum for a substantial Thanksgiving dinner celebration.  Back in 2015 I wrote Thanksgiving Wine: Street Exchange with a Beer Drinker that has turn into far more well-known more than time with the operating stiff crowd, in particular for these who are not as comfy with serving wine and are genuinely hunting for One particular bottle for their family’s table. EDITOR’S ASIDE: (If this describes you this year, I DO have a choose for you: the 2017 Lange Twins Rosé of Sangiovese. At $15, it serves every single want you could have, and is such a delight to drink, folks will believe you in fact know wine. Just saying.)  Back to your scheduled oenophile content material:  

But as a quite proud American who is also an old-globe wine lover and avowed Francophile, I really feel quite strongly that that this vacation should really be celebrated with American wines. And my recommendations will continue to reflect that!

Anything that hasn’t changed: with a) a substantial group of folks and palates to please, and b) a series of dishes that differ wildly in flavor, texture, and temperature, I nevertheless like the notion of no significantly less than 4 wines: a lighter white wine, a critical white,  a delicate red, and a complete-bodied red.

So right here are my 2018 Thanksgiving Wines: 


Viognier: In the previous, I utilized Riesling as my go-to right here. But Sue &amp Rodney Tipton at Acquiesce Winery make such a delightful Viognier- it is a gently flavored white wine that will please any palate, and this is excellent for the non-drinker or the delicate flower in your group. For $26/bottle, I uncover this a huge bargain, and a fantastic wine to start off the meal with.

Chardonnay:  I’ve narrowed it down to two attainable bottles in my cellar: Harney Lane’s 2017 Chardonnay from Lodi, or DuMOL’s 2016 Russian River Valley. The Harney Lane is a lovely expression of the grape and a amazing California chardonnay with an excellent balance of oak- not also significantly, nor also small- creating a creamy and flavorful balance, savory with great fruit and acidity, with a SRP of $28. And California’s DuMOL could inform your mouth you are knocking back a quite pricey white Burgundy! It is soft, balanced, just beautiful– and a small on the higher side (more than $50/bottle). The downside is you have to join a waitlist to obtain direct, but their wines are readily available at Wine.com, Wine Library.com, Sokolin.com, and quite a few other on the web retailers that ship across the USA, and even some nearby higher finish retailers who carry the greatest of California wines. Completely worth the weight. And if we bounce by means of 1 of these bottles, I’ll open the other. No dilemma!

Rosé (ok, actually two of them on my lineup this year):
a) Nonetheless Rosé:
Leah Jorgensen Rosé of Cabernet Franc. When I pour this $22 bottle, folks drop themselves in ecstasy. I don’t know what she’s placing in the bottle beyond the grape juice, but the wine just sings of pure fruit, delightful acidity, and beauty. Leah is a brilliant winemaker that you should really be conscious of, period!

b) Sparkling Rosé: The time I spent in Yakima lately surely influenced this year’s Thanksgiving alternatives! I’ll be serving an $18 bottle of sparkling rosé from Treveri Cellars. The Treveri Sparkling rosé you can obtain on the web is produced of syrah and chardonnay and is a genuine crowd-pleaser, when my private preferred is their tasting area rosé, which is only readily available in individual at the tasting area. This is half pinot noir and half chardonnay and has an old-globe charm that sings to me.

Sparkling Shiraz: The pièce de résistance this year could be this wine!
 Treveri Cellars also tends to make a $20 sparkling shiraz that has such vibrant notes of cranberry, I quickly knew I had to serve this for Thanksgiving! My gut is that it is going to be a smashing good results. But I’ve not in fact attempted this wine with a savory meal however- so I’ll make certain to report back with my annual Thanksgiving Postmortem and let you know what my guests believed of this decision- and the other individuals! I am SO excited to hear what my guests believe of this wine with the major meal!

Cabernet Franc, for my annual ‘delicate red’ wine. Traditionally it would be a pinot noir -and there are lots to choose from from the USA- for this old globe Burgundy fan. But I’ve been absolutely blown away by the beauty of balance of the cabernet franc from Owen Roe winery. So I have 1 bottle of $28 Owen Roe’s Rosa Mystica, a wine that entirely wrecked me -in a excellent way- and I strategy on placing this on my Thanksgiving Table. This Yakima Valley red is genuinely beautiful and drinks like an old-globe red – I just can not wait to attempt the pairing with turkey and gravy!

Zinfandel: I have two bottles I am going to determine among: a uncommon and challenging to achieve Turley, of which I have One particular bottle (and it is a hoarder bottle I’m loath to open) and my preferred Zin on the planet, Lizzy James OVZ once again from Lodi’s Harney Lane. I could nearly as simply pick their common Zin, the Scottsboro Zin, or even their Syrah- but I am just in enjoy with the gnarly, curled old vines and the magical fruit they create. The wine is significant, bold, however refined and polarizing. Any time I have opened a bottle of the $36 Lizzy James, it has changed lives at the table. It is a little cost to spend, that is all I’m saying.


So- let me know what you believe about my picks, and what you strategy to open for your Thanksgiving this year!