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How to Evaluate Wine

Posted on April 22, 2019

Wine sensory evaluation is as easy as smelling perfume, consuming a meal or hunting at art.  Wine is truly not that complex.  We make it extra complex than it requires to be.  We insist on producing it mystical or one thing only an professional can interpret.

On April 27th, along with my excellent pal and sommelier, Ashley Phillips I will be holding a class exactly where you will find out how to evaluate wine. I break it down to the bare essence and teach you how to have an understanding of what you are smelling and tasting.  Each aroma we smell in a wine is most probably stored away someplace in our memory, we just have to have to get it out. Each wine has a exceptional taste and considering that we have been consuming and tasting meals considering that birth, it is truly simple to determine these tastes.

At the finish of the day, wine is like art. We can all see the similar art perform, agree on the colour, texture and often the topic matter. We can agree on what we are seeing, but disagree on the which means of the perform. Now, does that make our interpretation of the art incorrect or suitable? No.  The similar goes for wine. We can smell and taste a wine and agree on the generality (colour, alcohol, acidity and tannin) but have a fully distinctive interpretation on if that wine appeals to us or not.

We would like to show you how to “feel” wine. Alternatively of tasting wine and browsing for its identifying flavors, ask oneself “how does it make me really feel?”  When you take this method you will start to truly have an understanding of how to evaluate wine.

This Saturday we have a number of workout routines planned to support you evaluate and engage with wine.  In the course of the seminar you will find out if you are a super-taster or not. You will dive into an interactive aroma identification workout.  We will show you how the colour you see effects the flavor of a wine.  Ultimately, we will show you how music can make a terrific wine terrible and a terrible wine terrific.

All this will be at Island Prime, April 27th 12-2pm. Contact 619-298-6802 to make your reservations currently!